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Health on a Platter
Tips & Shopping
Tips & Shopping

Doriance Sun to prepare your skin 15 days before departure for a healthy glow upon arrival to the beach or to give you a little suntan for Mother's Day.

April 20 - Spring is here with Clarins
April 20 - Spring is here with Clarins

Opalescence by Clarins celebrates the end of winter with a harmony of delicate, luminous colours.
The weather turns milder, full of softness and lightness.
It’s time for delicate, romantic make-up, bursting with freshness.
The complexion glows. Rosy cheeks express a beautiful, poetic timidity. The eyes light up and lips are glossy !

Be Glowy for Mother's Day!

April 20 - Long term hair removal
April 20 - Long term hair removal

Thanks to technological innovations, “permanent” hair removal has become part of our culture. With all the offers and claims out there, it can be difficult for people to separate fact from fiction in order to make an informed decision as to which of the two main permanent hair removal methods they should choose:

All you want to know about laser hair removal and Intense pulsed light hair removal.

Test your knowledge.

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