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Health on a Platter
Health on a Platter

Did you know that among fruits & vegies, blueberries had the highest total antioxidant capacity just after small red beans?

Tips & Shopping
Tips & Shopping

Sunburn, what is it?
Since skin damage continues well after exposure, Clarins has used all its sun care expertise to create its range of After Sun Skin Soothers.

August 18 - Summer recovery
August 18 - Summer recovery

Summer recovery
WE all love the sunshine but despite the healthy glow and sun-kissed locks, over-exposure over the summer can leave our bodies and hair looking desperately dry and dehydrated. Prepare to enter autumn looking re-hydrated, refreshed and replenished.

August 18 - How to prolong your sun tan
August 18 - How to prolong your sun tan

Here's the science: bronzed skin is born when the sun activates a pigment in your epidermal layer. The skin's top layer - and therefore your tan - only lasts between 6 to 10 days owing to the natural turnover of cells, but there are ways of extending the regenerating process.

Hydration - both internal and external - is a big factor. Scientists believe that water helps extend the life of your cells, so drink as much as possible.

Your usual moisturiser is better than nothing, but an aftersun cream contains extra hydrating ingredients.

Body scrubs, peels and certain face masks are designed to scuff off old skin, so using them will mean bidding ciao to your tan sooner than you'd like. Be gentle with your skin.

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