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Tips & Shopping
Tips & Shopping

Sunburn, what is it?
Since skin damage continues well after exposure, Clarins has used all its sun care expertise to create its range of After Sun Skin Soothers.

July 20 - Pamper your feet
July 20 - Pamper your feet

With summer here, taking good care of your feet is essential if you want to wear sandals with pride. Just one good reason to pamper your feet!

- Action: walking, sun, and sea water
- How to fight dryness, fatigue, odor... 

July 20 - Photosensitizers - Enemies of sunlight
July 20 - Photosensitizers - Enemies of sunlight

Contrary to popular belief it's not in August, the hottest month of the year, that the sun's rays are most harmful. It is rather towards the end of June, around the time of the summer solstice, that the sun hits the boiling point… so to speak.

There is a wide array of products we don't think about that can cause redness or spots when we're out in the sun.

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