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Do you have heavy legs?

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Just as the name indicates, the feeling of heavy legs is characterized by legs feeling painful, tired. Visually the legs as well as the ankles are swollen and veins are more or less noticeable.

What are the causes of Heavy Legs?

Heavy Legs causes the legs to feel bloated, swollen, weighty and uncomfortable.

Many people suffer from Heavy Legs as part of their everyday life and although Heavy Legs are not serious, they can be very uncomfortable.

Quite often, Heavy Legs are related to general lifestyles other everyday factors, which affect the leg veins and muscles.

Long periods of time sitting or standing and lack of exercise can all cause Heavy Legs. Insufficient leg muscle movement causes blood to accumulate in the leg veins.

This excessive blood pooling in the leg veins and a build up of fluid inside the leg tissues can be the source of the discomfort of Heavy Legs because of the congestion in the veins and pressure on the capillaries causing tension in the legs.

Poor circulation is one of the most common causes of Heavy Legs can also cause varicose veins. These are enlarged veins running down the leg and can contribute to Heavy Legs.

Heavy Legs are also caused by pregnancy, being overweight, wearing tight clothing and even by corssing the legs, all of which restrict blood flow to thelegs.

Lymphedema is one cause of Heavy Legs and is when the body has problems coping with excess fluid. Lymphedema is usually caused by damage to the lymphatic system and can lead to suffering from Heavy Legs.

Being in excessive heat, humidty and drinking alcohol can also cause Heavy Legs because they cause the veins to enlarge and blood to pool in the legs.

Who does Heavy Legs affect?

People who are on the their feet all day, such as hairdressers and shop assistants, or those who have to sit for a long time, such as bus, taxi and lorry drivers, and desk workers, are more susceptible to Heavy Legs.

Pregnant women and those that are overweight also have a higher risk of developing Heavy Legs, as blood flow to the legs is restricted.

What to do?

Raising the legs throughout the day by proping them up on a cushion or pillow will help to relieve the tension of Heavy Legs.

You could also sleep with your legs elevated.

The idea is to raise the feet above the level of the heart, so the fluid has a better chance of dispersal.

There are also a variety of leg creams and gels for Heavy Legs, which can help to relieve the tension and discomfort.

Exercise is also a good treatment for Heavy Legs, as it helps with muscle tone, which can help the body to deal with the problems of wate retention.

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