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2012-02 : Serum vegetal 3 by Yves Rocher

All about skincare > Serum vegetal 3 by Yves Rocher

An apple a day
Keeps the doctor away…

Apple oligosides a day
Keeps wrinkles away

Yves Rocher is dedicating the results of eight years of Botanical Beauty research and the resulting 3 patents to the 40’s women. Introducing SÉRUM VÉGÉTAL3 with Apple Oligosides, an exclusive line of skin care products. adapted to their lifestyle needs.

Energy to burn, knows what she wants out of life… when you’re a woman, anything is possible. And yet, stubborn wrinkles won’t go away with a good night’s sleep. Your skin is no longer as radiant, even after a week of holidays. As we age, cells don’t attach to each other as well and the skin ends up losing its cohesion. Wrinkles set in and the complexion loses some of its radiance.

The good news is, you know what you want and what you don’t want. You know how to choose powerful and effective skin care products. You trust nature and experience.

The new anti-aging secret of apple Oligosides
The starting point for our more than eight years of research was the discovery of Botanical Oligosides, the molecules that are involved in cellular communication at the heart of the plant. Oligosides come from sugar and thus mainly from fruit pectin. So researchers became interested in the Apple, the epitome of healthy eating. The Apple is one of the most complete fruits around (sugars, vitamins, proteins, lipids, etc.) and it is particularly rich in pectin. This then led to a lengthy period of research: selecting and using pectins from various sources and trying out different types of enzymes that have the ability to convert pectin into Oligosides. This resulted in an exemplary anti-aging active extract called Apple Oligosides : : the power to recreate cohesion at the core of the skin.

A long series of trials was then carried out to industrialize this process and implement a top-quality production method that complies with Yves Rocher Botanical Beauty standards. As a matter of fact, tests have proven that these Botanical actives stimulate cadherins, the attachment proteins that most effectively ensure cohesion at the core of the epidermis. This discovery represents a major advance in the world of cosmetics and 3 patents which correspond to 3 major areas of performance research in skin biology:

- radiance and smoothing cohesion action
- anti-wrinkle and firmness action
- soothing action

Résult : Wrinkles retract and become smoother and your skin’s natural radiance re-emerges.

6 skin care products against wrinkles and loss of radiance

3 intensive products

Dazzling Cream Day
On application: smoothes out the surface of the skin and immediately revives your complexion thanks to its pearly finish. After 1 month: effectively reduces wrinkles that have set in, reactivates a deep glow. Its subtle and hydrating texture envelops the skin in a velour finish.

Dazzling Cream Eyes
This special, soft and powerful cream created for fragile skin, thoroughly treats the delicate eye area
morning and/or night.

Dazzling Cream Night
This cream adapts to the night-time rhythm of your skin, recharging it with youth-promoting ingredients and regenerating its tissues. Its rich texture envelops the skin in comfort while expertly repairing wrinkles and renewing the skin’s glow.


Cleansing Milk Smoothing Action
This velvety smooth cleanser works deeply to remove make-up and impurities, while visibly smoothing fine
lines for soft, radiant skin.

Cleansing Wipes Smoothing Action
In one step, these cleansing wipes, selected especially for their softness, remove make-up and cleanse your face of impurities, while smoothing out fine lines. These wipes visibly smooth out and intensely moisturize your skin, leaving it clean, soft and glowing.

Radiance Lotion Perfecting Action
This fresh, invigorating lotion tops off your cleansing routine beautifully. It lets you gently micro-exfoliate your face, boosting its glow and smoothing out the texture for an immediate new-skin effect. Perfectly prepared, the skin is now ready to receive its treatment

Test in vitro
2012-02 : Serum vegetal 3 by Yves Rocher 1
Wrinkles & Firmness

Wrinkles & Firmness Plumping Force+ Day
Fills in pronounced wrinkles.

This treatment works in-depth for an instant and lasting effect:
- Fills in pronounced wrinkles,
- Restores bounce to skin,
- Moisturizes and protects skin.

The Plus: Its lush texture surrounds your skin in a moisturizing veil.

Wrinkles & Firmness Plumping Force+ Night
Fill in pronounced wrinkles and firm up skin.

While you sleep, when skin actively regenerates, this highly concentrated treatment helps this process and:
- Fills in pronounced wrinkles from deep within,
- Re-densifies and firms skin.

The Plus: Its dense texture penetrates quickly and cradles your skin in true comfort.

3 more products to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Serum Vegetal line
2012-02 : Serum vegetal 3 by Yves Rocher 2

Deep Wrinkle Expert Care Day-Night
The Botanical alternative to injections.

Expert care that reduces the look of deep wrinkles, instantly and lastingly. After 30 days, the skin is intensely smoother, firmer and it appears younger.
Apply morning and night to the face and neck.

2012-02 : Serum vegetal 3 by Yves Rocher 3

On-Target Filler Eye Wrinkle Solution
Wrinkles around the eye, and especially crow's feet are the first line to settle in. To treat these specific wrinkles, Yves Rocher Laboratories created On-Target Filler Eye Wrinkle Solution.

Thanks to its tip applicator, it releases its formula into furrows to plump and smooth deep eye wrinkles.

It instantly smoothes and fades wrinkles at the corners of your eyes, thanks to its ultra-filling formula. It deposits deep within each fold, a precious formula that plumps up the wrinkle, smoothes it and pushes it out from within.

Result: 88%* of women obtained a decrease in the depth of wrinkle and crow's feet.

The plus: Portable, it can be applied under or over makeup.

Need an immediate boost?
2012-02 : Serum vegetal 3 by Yves Rocher 4

Express Tighten & Brighten Vials
Tighter and brighter skin in a snap!

Rich with natural fruity acids this formula gives you quick rejuvenating results when your skin needs it most or when a special evening lies ahead!

- Instant radiance and smoothing effect
- A stretchy texture that immediately tightens features.
- An active formula, enriched with fruit acid that quickly revives your complexion.

Apply on mornings when your skin is creased and your complexion is dull or for a quick beauty boost for an evening out.

The Plus: ideal to prepare your skin for makeup and help it last longer.

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